With Corruption, included compilation album ICW

is not a mistake if celebrate as the storehouse Malang musicians. Mohammad Iksan is one of them. His songs, which with a theme corruption currently often heard on television and radio. In fact, one of his songs to a soundtrack national film.


I have a new party, make idea whose name was the party dogs. Picture logo party line pentagon, her picture dogs. Have a program of work corruption openly, who did not want to corruption, don't check-in our party. Controlling voice in the council honorable people, corruption that many after capital market come back again ... anjinggg..dog..dog also.

The lyrics is the sound early song 'the Party dogs', song creation Iksan Scooter, which in 2012 and went in the compilation album 'frequency rat traps' production Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW). Sung only with acoustics guitar accompaniment, a hoarse voice from Iksan making a song was more bite. Fit Together with the title song.

In a personal appearance in a cafe' Bogor, some time ago, Iksan sang with full emotion. In some temple, especially the emphasis on the words of the 'dogs', Iksan carries with tone. 'A Party dog' is a form criticism of politicians who acted corrupt.

'A Party dog' is not only check-in compilation album ICW. Song was also to cover songs for the film 'Before the morning happen again. Films on corruption that was released on May 8 and stared by names such as Alex Komang, Fauzi Baadila, until Adinia Wirasti.

'The Party Dogs' to be one of the many songs that were created by Iksan. Total, Iksan had issued three fruit album. Starting from 'The Sun' in 2012, 'Folk Populi Folk Dei' in 2013, and the latest 'Small is Beautiful' that released in 2014. "In fact, I'm not only talking about a theme social or even politics. I also raised the themes that comes from love. Love perceptions the market or general. But perhaps (love theme) not as popular as it my work that talked about themes social," this man who was born Blora, Central Java, 30 years ago.

Many people think that the man who lived in the way Watu Goong is new settlers in music industry. But in fact, Iksan quite a long time ago engaged in the world music. Before bersolo careers, Iksan more previously known as guitarist White, the band from Malang who happened to be well known hit songs with his 'Dead' in 2009. The songs and White, at that time, it was shown in many radio and television-national television. Love, to the theme that is often taken White. But, the White House are stuck in 2010. "Since that time, White Band vacuum," he said.

When Blasting vacuum, Iksan stream did not want to be absent in the world music. And finally, since 2010 he decided to bersolo careers. The reason is, more to love Iksan in the world music. "To account for my profession as an artist, I have to work. Either with or without White Band. In fact, I am still carry love, but perhaps from a different side," he said.

As a musician enough productive in making the paper, Iksan many inspired from the experience of her personal experience day-to-day. "All my songs telling a story from the experience that I feel. I see, as well as what I hear directly. If listening to my work from the album 1-3, actually, I like it was heard for a chat through anger, sadness, and various a taste natural," he said.

Iksan saw many abuses that occurred in various fields in this country. A problem in this country, according to glasses Iksan highly complex. In fact, in his paintings. music industry, he saw the injustice. "White Band music industry vacuum from Indonesia, which is dying or almost died because of the system music industry that is not healthy," he added.

One of them is the booming hijacking to the papers musicians in the country. To musicians who had brought a theme, of course, different from musicians who carries the themes love that is more popular. Music themes social is considered to be not mainstream (not general) and it is difficult to get a bag rupiah just like when carries with it the songs theme of love.

But, Iksan denied the notion that music that his inspirations not commercially viable alias not sell. He has its own views about definition commercial music in the field. "If its commercial banking v. major label (music company, it could be that the paper I say 'no commercial'. But it depends on commercial market segment we do not want to be targeting what first?" he said.

This time, every music, whether this is the kind of music and theme music that was brought, have their own market segment. Iksan named their autographs with the title Friends Smart.

Because believe that every music have segmentasinya alone, Iksan do not have to worry that he did not sell. Iksan said, the market segmentation, most is a graduate student, especially those who became activist campus. "During bersolo careers, I have been perform in almost all cities in Indonesia. Because the market i was the students, so I often in campuses Indonesia. In a month, I can be 3-4 times perform. Even more," he said.

But in fact, in the world music, it is not matter, which becomes the main goal. "I just want to work. I made music and art to send message on the events that are in my neighborhood. I can speak love, the environment, and social," he explained.
A track from Frekuensi Perangkap Tikus (Mousetrap Frequency), music compilation for a corruption-free Indonesia. First initiated by one of the very few die-hard, uncompromising, anti-graft groups, Indonesia Corruption Watch.

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