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Nasseman Launches "Nasseman Art for Transparency" to Amplify Anti-Corruption Efforts in Liberia

Renowned Liberian artist and Fair Play Ambassador Rabbie Nassrallah, aka Nasseman, has recently launched a groundbreaking youth initiative: Nasseman Art for Transparency (NAFT). Stemming from his commitment to combat corruption through artistic expression, NAFT aims to become a beacon of hope and awareness in the fight against corruption in his home country. 

A Symphony of Art and Advocacy

With a mission to cultivate a generation of engaged, critical youth, NAFT harnesses the transformative power of music, sports, art, film, drama, and poetry to raise awareness around the detrimental repercussions of corruption and injustice. Championing a unified front against corruption, NAFT works with youth and children to foster values around transparency, and accountability, echoing Fair Play's global mission.

At the heart of NAFT's activities is the Nasseman Art for Transparency Anti-Corruption School Education Campaign (NAFT-SEC). This transformative program aims to outreach and empower 5,000 students across 50 schools in Margibi, Montserrado, and Buchanan City. By engaging youth in educational initiatives and artistic mediums, NAFT leverages artistic expression as a catalyst for societal change. The initiative started in November 2023 and aims to become a regular fixture in Liberian schools, where youngsters are able to learn different forms of artistic expression, supported by coaching from well-known Liberian artists who help them voice the issues facing their communities.

Nasseman: Fair Play Ambassador

Since 2010, Fair Play has played an active role in the global fight against corruption, using the power of music to amplify the voices of those speaking out against systemic corruption and injustice. A partnership between Transparency International and JM International, Fair Play provides young musicians with a unique platform to reach audiences worldwide, fostering a collective commitment to eradicate corruption. Nasseman is a previous laureate of Fair Play’s biannual song competition, where in 2016 he won with his moving track entitled “Bonkey”. He now plays an ambassadorial role in the global program, having performed at Fair Play events in Panama, Denmark, and Costa Rica. This new initiative is a true testament to his dedication to fighting corruption and to the role that Fair Play has in supporting the efforts of its artists to make an even bigger difference through music. 

To follow Nasseman's NAFT initiative, supporters are encouraged to engage via social media platforms, including Facebook (@NassemanArtForTransparency), Instagram (@Nassemanartfortransparency), and YouTube (Nasseman Art for Transparency).

For further information or to support this initiative, please contact:

Nasseman Art For Transparency (NAFT)

Address: Board/Randall Street, Monrovia, Liberia

Phone: +231 7778 21521 / +231 8868 21521

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