Mumo is a Kenyan-born Afro gaze keyboardist, and composer who enjoys manipulating electronic sounds across the frequency spectrum. He enjoys writing songs on the piano, Kenyan flute (umtshingo), violin, synthesizer and whatever weird or broken instruments he hears on a song or creates from scratch. His full length album Reflections is available through and leading online music stores i.e. iTunes, Amazon,, Spotify etc.

Mumo comes from a family of African traditional drummers, singers, and instrument makers, and has found another kind of musical family within the Afro electronica world. Past musical projects include 7 minutes to midnight (a Hip Hop mixtape with his former East African hip hop group, The Paramedikz), My Kenyan Christmas album by the Kenyan Boys Choir, in which he composed and orchestrated 4 well known Christmas carols, and most recently a song-per-day online release (currently going on at Mumo is actively writing and recording new ideas for the 21st century and beyond. In between recording, Mumo is currently enrolled in a Masters in ancient near east art and music.
An African dream is a statement, it's a musical essay that tells my dream about Africa. It is a dream we as humans all share, the dream to be free. The video is a studio footage recording of me making an "African dream." I wanted to put together the footage in such a way that it is raw but the emotion is definately visible by the color and some of the effects that I tried to use at a minimum.

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