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Get ready for an evening of hip-hop bliss as we bring together two musical giants, one a living legend and true pioneer of the art form, the other a trail-blazing creative force who is redefining the culture as we know it. They come together with emerging artists from 4 different countries to share their music and message, standing together in solidarity for a better future.

Rakim, one of the greatest emcees to ever grace the mic, is making his way to the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC on the 10th of December 2022. Many say that when considering the history of hip hop, there is before Rakim and then there is after. The legendary emcee known for his jazzy boom-bap flows will be joined by the all-elements mixtape king DJ J-Ronin on the decks.

Blitz the Ambassador is the Ghanian born, Brooklyn-based rapper, director, author and visual artist who has taken the world by storm effortlessly blending generations of hip hop with musical flavours from across Africa and its diaspora.

The concert is presented by Fair Play, an international musical movement backed by Transparency International and JM International that uses the power of music to raise consciousness around the impact of corruption on our societies, connecting big issues to real people. Opening for these musical giants are Fair Play’s musical ambassadors from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Italy, Malawi and Nigeria, each deeply engaged in fighting corruption in their home countries, making a difference through music.

Doors open at 19:00

Price: $30

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