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An Opportunity for Integrity!

Fair Play Ambassadors Unite at Forte Prenestino to Launch New Collaboration

In an exciting development for the global arts and anti-corruption community, Fair Play ambassadors Shanti Powa and Faith Mussa launched a new musical collaboration at the Forte Prenestino Festival in Rome, Italy on May 1st 2024.

Born out of their meeting at Fair Play Live 2022 in Washington DC, Italian reggae rockers Shanti Powa and the Malawian singer-songwriter Faith Mussa are now preparing to drop “Opportunity” - a track of inspiration to the next generation of dreamers to seize their futures, despite the obstacles that stand in their way.  

The historical Forte Prenestino Festival in Rome, famous for its cultural richness and significance to the Italian workers' movement, resonates deeply with the themes of resilience, community, and justice that both artists embody. It presented the perfect occasion to launch the track, as well as record the official music video for “Opportunity”.

This collaboration between Shanti Powa and Faith Mussa, supported by Fair Play, not only highlights the role of these artists as ambassadors for change, but also reaffirms the power of music as a catalytic force for global unity and the promotion of anti-corruption ideals. It resonates with Fair Play’s broader mission of fostering a vibrant Global Anti-Corruption Youth-Music Network that creates positive social change, advocating for integrity and accountability through the universal language of music. 

As these artists took the stage in Rome and inspired future generations of musicians and activists, they also called on citizens around the world to get involved in the Fair Play movement and support Music with a Message! 

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