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Established in 2018 by Kateryna Kuziakina in a small town near Kyiv, Ukraine, The Sixsters had been active in the Ukrainian rock scene for four years until 2022, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine would significantly impact the band and all its members' lives. Some left the country early on, while others sought refuge in bomb shelters amidst the conflict. The band members found themselves dispersed across different countries. Despite the uncertainty of the situation, each member held onto the hope of reuniting with the band. Later in 2022, the members of The Sixsters managed to reunite in Essen, Germany, stating their intention to use their music to raise awareness about the situation in their homeland, including efforts toward providing temporary housing for displaced Ukrainians. 


The Sixsters' music initially focused on themes of self-discovery and adolescence, however, with the onset of the war in their home country, their music has evolved to include songs of protest and societal critique. Nowadays, The Sixsters' music carries themes of resilience and self-expression, providing a powerful response to the challenging times that we live in, shining a light on the blatant corruption that comes with war and the economic and political interests that surround it. The Sixsters' winning song "For Us, For Me" is a vivid illustration of this shift, with its intense, heartfelt lyrics, this ballad captures the fight for justice and integrity in Ukraine, and a relentless search for safety and support. The song embodies resilience and determination, showcasing the band's unwavering spirit in the face of a corrupt system. The band now actively participates in fundraising activities, channeling resources towards initiatives that promote transparency and accountability in their homeland and we look forward to welcoming them to the stage in Vilnius! 

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