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Originally from southern Tunisia, Haydar has always been lulled by the sound of Maghrebian music with strong and committed lyrics. At home in Gafsa, music and poetry were a subtle means of unveiling truths, at a time when the freedom of expression had not yet been achieved. Involved in music since the age of 17, Haydar integrated in an obvious and natural way in the alternative music movement that was bubbling in Tunis. In autumn 2009, he formed his first band (called Barbaroots) with several close musicians and singer rappers from other musical formations (Klandestina, Gultrah Sound System, Badiaa Bouhrizi, Old 9 School...), among these, two of the band's current musicians: Slim Abida and Tarek Maaroufi.


Haydar and his band toured a lot around the world and in Tunisia until 2012, reaching especially young people, who found themselves in their songs and messages, and proposing a Tunisian reggae ska and rap that is spicy in its sound and also in its artistic engagement. Barbaroots played only in self-financed concerts in theatres, students events, with only a few rare visits to cultural events before the revolution.

In 2012, Haydar Hamdi left for France. Benefiting from an artistic stay, he settled in Paris and started a new project. Under the name Tunzik, he released his first EP "404" in reference to the censorship during the Ben Ali era. After several concerts in Paris (at the Divan du Monde, La Divan du Monde, La Bellevilloise, at the Chat Noir...), Haydar was joined in 2014 by Narjess Saad (percussions), Tarek Maaroufi (drums) and Slim Abida (bass). With constantly evolving lyrics and new effects, the band found an atypical and transcendent sound: a Tunisian Dub sound! And their lyrics are more direct than ever: "Power to the people"!

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