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Alika has become one of the references of the Spanish-speaking Roots Reggae Dancehall. Notably influenced by the Hip Hop that she listened to since she was little and with which she took her first steps in music. In 1994, together with Malena D'Alessio, she was the founder of the duo Actitud María Marta, one of the first female rap bands in Argentina and Latin America, which was recognized by the press as the Revelation band of 1995. With AMM she publishes "Acorralar a la Bestia "(1996, Polygram. Later, he left the band and began to travel his solo journey with his project Alika & La Nueva Alianza, turning fully to reggae and Rastafarian culture.

Alika decided in 1999 to start her own project, based on the roots of the Rastafari Culture, standing out for its clear and direct lyrics that speak of Respect, Dignity, the oppression of the western system, self-confidence, life in the countries of the third world and the problems that exist in the neighborhoods. Chile is the country where Alika, along with prominent mcs from the scene, like Boomer, gives shape to her first production "No Dejes que te paren" (2001 Indie), this work, made her influence felt among young people. In 2001 she also began to perform live. In 2003 she released her second album "Sin Intermediarios", a well received album in South America with tracks such as "Paciencia", "Demanda" and "Encenderos".


In 2005 comes his third production "Reason Meditation Action" an album where the music of Alika & Nueva Alianza sounds more roots than ever, it contains songs like "Custom of Matar" and "Do not give force to Babilonia" His charisma and Stage presence has led her to share her music in mass festivals and also in Sound Systems, theaters, clubs, schools, hospitals and even prisons in different cities in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and Andorra, where the call that this independent artist has is surprising, thus building an incredible career for who, to this day, continues to be an independent artist.

Alika has 6 studio albums to date and is credited with creating some of the great Spanish Reggae anthems. Songs like Army Awake, Don't Be Sad, Galang, The Lion's Roar, Killing Custom, and Hey My Friend have all helped establish Alika as an international Reggae star and helped put Latin Reggae on the world map. An example of this is the 5th album that Alika recorded in late 2006 in collaboration with world renowned dub producer Mad Proffesor. This 2009 album, Mad Proffesor meets Alika, was entirely produced by the dub genius.

Alika has become one of the leaders of the Spanish-speaking reggae-dancehall world, gaining recognition as a strongly conscious voice emanating from Latin America, writing direct and clear lyrics that speak of respect, dignity, and trust in one. himself, at the same time that he recounts common situations and problems in third world neighborhoods.

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