Narayana is a band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We play alternative music. This band was created in August 2000. our member are : Cahyo Putra at vocals, guitars, keyboards, sampling and sythesizer, Andra at guitars and back vocals, Bayu at basses and back vocals and Rofiq at drums.
Our music considered in theme of life, love, humanity, social, politics and peace of the world. In this song, we speak about corruption and dirty politics that make a few people in Indonesia very rich and most very poor.
Poverty is a big issue in Indonesia although this country has very rich in nature and culture. Most people in government only considered in his/her wealthy and his/her political party's interest. They ignore public interest.
With our music, we want to speak about a change. The change can beat down all of corruptions and dirty politics. So that people in the world can live in a better life. (Is this looks like the political men's promises? Well, at least we don't campaign using a lot of money to convince you to choose us in any votes like they do ?. Let's fight corruption together!)
This song tells about corruption and dirty politics. Since 1998, Indonesia has entered in the new age calls Reformation. The military regime of Soeharto has beat down by people after govern this country for about 32 years. In that time, corruption and poverty were very large, and covered by the regime.
By the time of new age calls Reformation, Indonesia has so many political parties. Democracy is gaining (widely). In the first election after reformation, 48 political parties were founded. New political men make a lot of promises of changes. But in fact, until now on that's not make a better government. Corruption and poverty are gaining instead. Government and political party lie to people. This country has been fooled by their own people at the government and political parties.

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    two thumb for this song....
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    i like it, NARAYANA, good job, NARAYANA..
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    salam untuk kaum Yadawa.
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