Kafulu Xenson is a Ugandan rapper, poet, graffiti artist and cultural activist with a five-piece band. He is inspired by the grandeur of African culture and hip-hop as a free expressive art form. He has been involved in the Ugandan hip-hop community since 2003. He is a co-founder of the Uganda hip-hop foundation, which empowers youth through hip-hop music and culture.
His brand of hip-hop is socially conscious and incorporating poetry and traditional Ugandan rhythms. He started rapping in 2005 and has one album "muwe bulo" meaning fight for your rights. It was released in 2009. He has performed at the Bayimba festival of the arts and Alliance Fraincaise in Kampala. With his band, they are working on a second album.
**Kafulu Xenson 'King of Peasant' is a FAIR PLAY 2011 WINNER**

The video is set in Kabale, Southern Uganda. Kiga Dancers are choreographed to dance in a circle. The circle is the king's area of jurisdiction. They are painted by an artist (Xenson) to create synergy between art, music, dance and the drumbeat. The body paint depicts symbols that portray various social and cultural themes like war, endurance, unity, wisdom, fighting, triumph etc. This forms a backdrop for the king of peasant to advise his people.


  • elisha mukiibi
    that is lovely stuff and the way to go brother
  • Ibrah
    You are Amazing Xenson. This is quite awesome
  • Urban
    Incredible song and video!
  • esther
    life is what u make it go on bro
  • Wisdom
    Sounds like a Devilish Tribal Song- I wonder who would ever listen to this...
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