Revolution Records a.k.a. - Thawrageya - is the first underground rap label and one of the pioneers in the Egyptian hip hop scene. The group was formed in 2006 by teMraz and Ahmed Rock, along with C-Zar, Rooney Hoodstar, wild mc's and Shehab as music producer.

Rebels at heart and based in Alexandria, they changed the Egyptian hip hop scene, bringing a new artistic rap that everyone can understand and... creating simpler rap to deliver their revolutionary message to the largest number of people.

They believe the music industry needs a revolution. Lifestyle needs a revolution. The way people think needs a revolution. So they decided to make a change?to be the unspoken words of the streets. Without the backing of a commercial label, they record their own tracks using a portable studio and software for recording, music producing, and sound engineering.

Their rap is a mix between political, anger, light, philosophical, and realistic. And with every track they gain a larger audience. The words they rap have earned a reputation for the band and Arab rap in general.

Year after year Revolution Records has attracted greater media attention. A number of well-known Egyptian newspapers have covered Revolution Records, as well as international journals, magazines, television and online radio stations.

They hope to deliver their message to the whole world. They work to prove that the name "Revolution Records" is not for nothing
EGYPT — UPLOADED ON 20.07.2012
the song called Kazeboon ("Liars") by the popular Egyptian hip-hop group Revolution Records
the song talking about the violence used against the egyptian protesters by police and security officials in neighborhoods around the country.
Recorded @ Revolution's Home Studio
Music Produced By : teMraz
Mixing & Mastering : teMraz
Graphics & Videos By : Ahmed Rock

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