E-Legal, Was born and raised in Guatemala, Land of the Quetzal, Mayan Empires and many Historical achievements also Darkened land by a civil war that lasted 35 years arrived in the United States in 1995 at the age of 16, since his native Guatemala music always Had a strong influence on him, in the middle of the eighties still being a little kid when Hip Hop from the Old School was in its heavy stages in the United States especially in N.Y. and L.A. E-Legal was already freestyling rhymes in the back of his school with two of his best friends. his favorite artist since a little kid were Groups like Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Kid Frost and in the middle of the nineties before he arrived to the United States, the legendary Tupac Shakur Among others.He lives in the state of California were he works in various music projects with other Emcees of the Underground.
E-LEGAL is also the President and Founder of Somos Hip Hop RaDiO (SHHR) wich is a Collective of Rappers and media from the U.S and Latino America Pioneering the Revolutionary Hip Hop en Español Movement in the United States since 2003

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From the Humanidad Androide Album the Song Dedicated to the Struggle by E-Legal Talks about the daily struggle that we as people live in our journey to provide for our family, let that be paying the rent every month, paying your bills etc, we are confined into a economic system that squeese us and use us to make profits on the trillions and in exchange pay us scraps. Just the nessesary to survive, is the rule of the Status Quo the poor have to be poor in order for the ritch to be ritch. the only way to escape that vicious cicle is by empowering ourselves with knowledge and achieving TRUE economic POWER.

  • mik3blu3
    buena la rola e-legal vergona
  • Strate Crooked
    Is that Dj E? My nig!
  • sicke03
    esta de 10 sigan así con música como esa el hiphop prospera cada ves mas. el hiphop es cultura y arte para las mentes diversas
  • Oliver Rojas
    Hasta la victoria siempre! la musica que hace tiene contenido explicito, y un verdadero mesaje para los gringos que quieren explotar ha nuestra gente de sur america. Sigue pa delante con todo lo que estas haciendo, yo siguo escuchando a SOMOS HIP HOP RADIO!!!!
  • DROGA805
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