born in 27 march 1990,Mc Robah is the founder of the group Mamluki music. The group consist of 3 guys. Mc clemo Yule suspasta and ace more. The group Mamluki was formed back in 2006 when me and clemo were still at high school me and clemo are the artists while ace more is our manager. We right the lyrics and record at calif records. So far we have compiled several songs which are conscious talking about vices which are affecting our society eg HIV, Cancer etc so far we have recorded the songs but produced this corruption song which I recorded solo because clemo was having exams. He's currently studying medicine at KMTC Nakuru college. The song ?chai' bribe is our first song and is meant to stage a good campaign to cub corruption country wide so we are looking for sponsors who can help out coz it will help cub corruption which is killing our nation
KENYA — UPLOADED ON 21.03.2011
The video explores the song lyrics which are written as a storyline about how the artist has been harassed by cops for no reason and they don't care about constitution they want bribes. The lyric also explores what a normal Kenyan undergoes daily in our system. So the artist wakes up and finds out that there is a demonstration and decides to go and join in order to deliver the message "youth against corruption"

  • Karis
    Lovely, specially where he says u are demanding a bribe yet I can't afford a tie. Quite a resonance with the youth situation particularly those in informal sector.
  • Stephen Ng'ang'a
    Good stuff all officers should watch this and rethink of their demands za "Chai" na hawajatoa maziwa ya kuipika.
  • kanyo,beth
    good work done dia .wish you all da best .move on dont let anything rag you behind. all da best and congrats to u n clemo
  • pato
    Good stuff
  • clemo yule supa sta
    lets keep the spirit alive,,,excellent
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