fair play in brazil

The 3 winning bands of the Fair Play 2012 competition - Youssra El Hawary (Egypt, 1st place), SIMPONI (Indonesia, 2nd place) and S3 (DR Congo, 3rd place), who already captivated virtual audiences worldwide with their winning anti-corruption music videos, performed live in Brasília 06 November at the Orla Clube de Engenharia and 10 November 2012 at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center as part of the 3rd Global Voices Against Corruption Forum and 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) of Transparency International.

The Fair Play concert at the IACC, opened by President Dilma Rousseff and attended by more than 2,000 anti-corruption leaders from around the world, was a unique opportunity to bring this project, winner of a World Summit Youth Award and European Youth Award to a new global stage. Now in its 3rd year, Fair Play is organized by the JMI Foundation, the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network, and the World Bank Institute with the aim to amplify the voices of youth in the anti-corruption movement and build, through music, global solidarity and action against corruption.

“We’re happy to be in Latin America… the continent of struggle, of people’s movement, of social movement” SIMPONI band manager Berkah Gamulya said addressing the audience. SIMPONI (Rendy Ahmad Syaifullah – vocals/ guitar, Berkah “Mul” Gamulya – angklung/vocals, Asef “Bunky” Sofiana – guitar/vocals, Fani Perdana Pinandhita – guitar/vocals, Denis Arwindra – bass guitar) opened their performance with a cover of ‘Dona Dona’ by Joan Baez, for which lead vocalist and guitarist Rendy Ahmad was joined onstage for an impromptu duet with Transparency International founder Peter Eigen. An emotional moment for the audience, who welcomed this as both a gesture of appreciation for SIMPONI’s compelling music, and of solidarity for their ongoing efforts as anti-corruption activists in Indonesia. Watch SIMPONI’s winning video ‘Vonis’.

From Egypt, the Youssra El Hawary band (Youssra El Hawary - accordion/vocals, Shadi El-Hosseiny – piano/melodica, Ayman Mabrouk – percussion, Sedky Sakhr – recorder/ harmonica/ vocals) impressed audiences with the performance of their Fair Play 2012 winning song ‘El Soor’ and other equally nuanced, delicate yet powerful works including ‘On the Street’ for which the group has just released a new video.

Lastly to the stage came the explosive energy of Congolese rapper S3 who, joined by Congolese artist Junior Kadiebwe (piano) and guests Denis Arwindra (from SIMPONI) and Ayman Mabrouk (from Youssra El Hawary band) delivered an intense performance. The works performed, including S3’s winning track ‘Conscience’ produced a heated response from the audience for their strong lyrics which speak to, and call for unity in addressing, the ongoing injustice, corruption, and war suffered by his people in Goma and around the world.

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