Harrison Stafford together with his fellow grounded soldiers completes the powerful and universal progressive amalgam of sound that is Groundation. Renowned for their high energy, communion –type atmosphere that resonates deeply with their audiences; their sound has cemented their reputation not only as an influential roots reggae sound but also as international ambassadors of positive social evolution. Harrison says, “We try and challenge people both musically and spiritually, try and make them think differently about what the possibilities are with their music and think different about the possibilities of life.”


Badiaa Bouhrizi aka Neyssatou emanates from the alternative musical scene in Tunisia and in a country fighting corruption off the backdrop of a revolution, her message to keep music free from futile rhetoric is vital. Neyssatou is a musical experience and a voice that neither wishes itself to be traditional nor polished folklore, nor an artificial fusion, but only an expression of authentic music and luckily, Tunisia’s future is paying attention. “Bouhrizi says she doesn’t believe she’s very famous, but that she finds different people, especially young people, liking her music. In Tunisia, they attach the word “Miltazema” (Arabic for committed) to her name - a name given to artists committed to freedom and justice.”

DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

In their 8-years of existence, these tireless activists have, through their music, become inspiring champions of progress for youth in Bosnia. Formed at the backdrop of the siege of Sarajevo, they understand the essence of music as a weapon against the forces of negativity. The band continues to push government set boundaries with powerful statements against government corruption and in doing so has gone on to establish itself as a notorious leader in the fight for social change. Their sound is relentless, fun, loud and, tailor made for massive sound systems. The rest of the world has all but two choices; listen attentively to their message of peace and tolerance and fight nationalism and corruption alongside them or get out of their way.


ChocQuib Town is the Grammy nominated and Latin-Grammy award winners creating a fusion of Colombian Afro-Caribbean Music and Hip-Hop. Their debut record “Somos Pacifico” – we are pacific- of 2006 attracted critical acclaim and launched a national anthem for an entire generation of Afro-Colombians. The hip-hop collective instills unity and pride in Chocó, a province in northwest Colombia where the group was founded in 2000.

SIMPONI (Indonesia)

Previous Fairplay winners Simponi took 2012 by storm with their inspired single “Vonis”((the verdict) about corruption and “how it has been eating this nation alive. They have pledged to dedicate their lives to campaigning for a better future through music. Simponi (Music Syndicate of Earth Dwellers) serves to communicate concerns and accordingly their melodic pop sound adorned with lyrics of conscientiousness has enticed Indonesia’s youth and for all the right reasons. The band says, “The fact is that children often sing songs meant for adults, which often contain explicit lyrics and it’s this fact that has motivated the Simponi’s movement. 

SIMPHIWE DANA (South Africa)

Simphwe Dana struggled with poverty in her youth, which she attributes to the widespread corruption of her native land of South Africa. Now, an internationally acclaimed artist, her music lends to support communities escape poverty through education. With a sound anyone would be hard pushed to fit into a box, this child of the world makes what she calls beauty; defining her music as soul but not because she feels it fits to that genre but rather she feels that her music feeds the soul.